About Pipplet?

Pipplet is the most convenient way for recruiters and language centers to accurately evaluate an individual's spoken and written language skills. At Pipplet, we offer a range of language tests designed for more robust recruitment processes, professional certifications and audits. All of our tests are available online with 24/7 accessibility, and evaluated by our language examiner experts within 24 hours.

Used by recruitment agencies, human resources professionals and language teachers, from startups to major international organizations, Pipplet is a perfect way to test an individual’s language proficiency in over 30 languages.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Pipplet is to create a comprehensive digital experience that will establish the importance of language assessment for businesses. Companies can be confident that our Pipplet tests are only built to enable efficiency and provide clear and accurate results.

This is to ensure that your business can identify candidates with professional skills in oral and written communication, adapted to any professional environment.

Our Personality

Our personality is who we are. During every interaction we have, whether between colleagues or clients, we make sure that Pipplet's personality is constantly maintained.


Dedicated to providing you the best possible solution.


Communicating in a way that is free of egotism.


Constantly investigating new trends to merge EdTech and language evaluation.


Creating an environment that is welcoming to each individual.

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