Visual Guidelines

Our visual guidelines have played an instrumental role in transforming Pipplet into a brand that has depth and character.  As our company journey has evolved, we have made sure to elevate the visual elements that represent who we are.

Visuals Resources

Color Palette

Our primary brand color is Pipplet blue. We have chosen blue to represent reliability, trustworthiness, and our openness to communication. You'll also see sprinkles of other Pipplet colors throughout the website to represent a modern company with a youthful spirit.

Logo Use

Proper use

Improper use


In order to convey a tone that is modern, flexible, and open, we use Open Sans as our typeface. Our goal is to keep text easy to read with a design that is minimal in nature. Our Open Sans typeface can be found throughout our website. 

Call-To-Action Buttons

Each Pipplet Call-to-action button follows a simple color and border format to create consistency in our format.

Using Pipplet Icons

Each Pipplet test has a corresponding icon. These icons can be used as a visual representation of their respective tests.

Email Communication

All of our marketing emails follow these specific guidelines:

General layout:

Typeface: Arial

Margins (left & right): 30px


Size: 22

Line spacing: 25 

Hex code: #000000


Size: 13

Hex code: #000000

Line spacing: 21


Hex code: #0084FF


Very important information

Size: 13

Hex code: #000000

Highlight hex code: #FAE000

Important information

Bold font


1000 x 650