The Pipplet Tests

All of Pipplet's tests have been designed to assess language skills according to your particular need.

There are four core tests. Two are designed for recruitment and the other two have been developed for language training centers. Additionally, we have developed tests that are industry-specific.

Those tests are aimed at assessing the language levels of your future consultants, customer service agents, and startup professionals.

How to refer to the Pipplet tests

Each Pipplet test name should be capitalized (e.g. Pipplet Screening). This is to ensure that readers are aware of the importance of the test and that they are proper test titles.

Describing the Pipplet Tests for Professional Hiring and Recruitment

Pipplet Talent

Pipplet Talent helps you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate's language skills in detail. The test is useful in helping guide your hiring decisions during the latter stages of your recruitment process.

Pipplet Screening

Sort early-stage candidates by language skill level, at the touch of a button during your recruitment process. Receive a complete overview of their oral and written communication score with Pipplet Screening.

Describing the Pipplet Tests for Language Training Centers

Pipplet FLEX

Certify your training courses with an independent and accredited language test. Pipplet FLEX is CPF eligible and available in 30+ languages.

Pipplet Placement

Use the Pipplet Placement test to identify your students' oral and written CEFR levels prior to your language course. This is useful for student placement in your language courses, or the development of benchmarks before learning.

Describing the Industry-Specific Pipplet Tests

Tests for Consulting Firms

The Pipplet tests for consulting professionals are designed to help strengthen and accelerate the recruitment of new employees. Ditch multiple choice language tests and say hello to an interactive language test to determine the practical use of language.

Tests for Customer Service Teams

Pipplet is the ideal partner for testing your future customer service advisors' language skills. Our Customer Service Language Tests will assist your development to equip your teams with professional multilingual representatives.

Tests for Startups

Identify the best potential multilingual candidates at any stage of the job application process.

Tests for Retail Services

Recruit high-level retail staff who can demonstrate professional oral and written skills in the preferred language of your customers to increase client satisfaction.

Tests for Healthcare Professionals

Recruit the best medical staff for their cabinet with proven soft communication skills and language skills to communicate clearly with patients.